Pennies for Purple Playas

July 2020 – Meet Kayla, She is All About Caring 4 Kids!
July 1, 2020
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August 1, 2020

There is this sweet young gal named Kaylin who has been in our lives for over 10 years. Her passion for supporting Parker has not only sustained time, but has also sustained Parker’s spirits in many ways. There is something very special in the way she looks up to him, cheers him on, sends him little drawings and participates in our Arthritis Foundation Walk every year. We met her at the very determined age of two and a half. We remember how she “insisted” on walking the entire walk on her own two feet even though she was offered the stroller and to be carried. And when her school had “dress as your hero day” last year, she wore her Parker’s Purple Playas shirt because she wanted everyone to know that Parker is her hero!

Every year, Kaylin has collected “Pennies for Parker” and donated them to the walk. This year the walk was virtual due to COVID-19, and she was unable to join. She decided to raise funds for the Purple Playas Foundation instead. Kaylin’s two younger sisters, Aubrey and Olivia, have now joined the ranks right alongside of her. Together, these sisters hosted a “fundraiser” at their family’s little July 4th gathering. They sold a few raffle tickets for small items, and they sold donuts.

These three girls paid much attention to details from the decorations to tracking the funds. It was a great family project that brought joy to their family because they were so excited to be raising funds for kids with chronic illness. We love that Kaylin, Aubrey, and Olivia have such kindness in their hearts and believe in service at such young ages. These kids are our future, and we could all learn a lesson from their loving hearts and passion for giving. Thank you so much Kaylin, Aubrey, and Olivia for raising $85.26 for the Purple Playas Foundation!  Listen to the PROUD Fundraisers

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