Purple Playas was Blessed with Duda Family Love

Loving HOPE Grows Here!
June 15, 2023

Recently, the Duda Family had a huge family gathering in Orlando, Florida. The Purple Playas Foundation had the honor of being invited to join them as one of this year’s chosen charities. The Duda Family comes together to fulfill their mission as a diversified Land Company growing: Christian Faith and Business Integrity; Land Values and Vibrant Communities; Families, People, and Relationships; Healthy Food Products; Sustainable Wealth and Balanced Financial Returns… for Future Generations.

Over 140 family members joined together to assist Purple Playas Foundation to bring HOPE to children with chronic illness. During our time together, we shared our goals and accomplishments. This unique opportunity allowed us to spend a morning educating the Duda Family’s children about what we do to support children with complex and chronic medical conditions. Our VP, Parker, and his best friend, Andrew, taught the children about our Purple Playas Coping Kit. The Duda Family Children then helped us make some of the items in the kit. During assembly, they chatted, shared stories and asked questions about what children with chronic illness endure.

After lunch, the children got on stage and shared with their parents and extended family what they learned about Purple Playas Foundation. It was beyond precious to listen to these children wholeheartedly share that there are kids with chronic illness who have to get shots, surgeries and stay in the hospital. They told the adults that these children get scared and that the Coping Kit items that they prepared will help the children calm, cope, and communicate their feelings. When they finished talking about the Coping Kit, the entire Duda Family shared their gifts of time, and many also donated economically as part of their summer philanthropy project. It was an incredible sight to witness over 100 individuals line-up and assemble 400 Coping Kits in about 20 minutes.

The Duda family is very humble and while they really don’t want accolades for their volunteer work and gifts given, we celebrate their loving hearts. We are grateful they recognized a need and chose to share their blessings with us and shower children with chronic illness with both LOVE and HOPE.


Want to help us?

Our volunteers work hard to get our Purple Playas Coping Kits into the hands of children with chronic illness. If you would like to fund a Kit you can donate by clicking on the red donate button at the top of this page or by visiting our Purple Playas Store. With shipping and handling, each kit costs $60.

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