A Mom’s Letter of How “Purple Puff” Helped Her Son Be Brave

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Dear Purple Playas Foundation,

Daniel is a very smart, brave, and kind 6 year old boy.  He was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. He also has a diagnosis of Neurogenic Bladder  and bowel incontinence. Daniel began to experience issues with emptying his bladder completely and his bladder pressures were increasing. His Urologist (Dr. Bayne) was concerned for Daniel's kidneys and suggested we consider a Mic-key button. We were very hesitant at first, but then realized it would be the best option for Daniel to prevent any kidney damage.

We spoke with Daniel about the procedure and he was very nervous. It was then suggested, by Logan Lentini, to introduce the Purple Puff to Daniel to see if this would help with his fear and anxiety of hospitals and procedures. I was given a Purple Playas Coping Kit, a medical play kit, that contained “Purple Puff” (a stuffed character that matches the accompanying story about being brave), and took it home to Daniel. I read him the book, “When Purple Puff Gets Scared, Tucker Turtle Teaches Him How to Be Brave”. I couldn't believe how much it helped Daniel feel at ease. Daniel then told me he was ready to have the surgery and be " brave".

I am a Pediatric Nurse and as a nurse I thought that there was more that I could do in order for Daniel to have hands on experience with a Mic-key. I spoke with Michele, a Child Life Specialist at UF Health Shands, and she told me she would speak with someone regarding getting a Mic-key button that we can put on the Purple Puffs stuffed character. Then, we did a little surgery on the Purple Puff. I was very happy that we were able to accomplish getting a Mic-key placed on Puffy to show Daniel what was going to happen during surgery. I was very appreciative for Child Life at Shands as well as for the Lentini family. The Purple Puff and Coping Kit does make a difference.

Milly (Daniel's Mom)

For more info click here:   Purple Playas Coping Kit


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